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Here at Pasaka Commercial Ltd. we know exactly what it takes to conduct a successful business and how often an international trademark registration is an impediment to even greater growth. Here is how we can help.

Benefits of an international trademark holder:

  • No risk of the prohibition of the use of your trademark in the territory of the states in which registration is passed
  • An opportunity to receive additional profit by transferring rights to use a trademark under license agreements and franchise agreements
  • The ability to protect your interests and receive compensation for illegal use of a trademark

There are certain regional registration systems and international protocols designed to facilitate the international protection of a trademark in several countries at once. However, there are two most popular ways to ensure international protection of trademarks: registration of a trademark under the Madrid system and passing through the national registration of trademarks in each country separately. Trademark specialists of Pasaka Commercial Ltd. will help you to do both.

Madrid System Trademark Registration

The Madrid system provides trademark owners with the opportunity to take advantage of the international legal protection of their trademarks in several member countries by submitting one international application. The term for considering an application for international registration of a trademark, depending on the designation and the countries selected for registration, may take up to 18 months. However, the Madrid System does not cover all the countries in the world.

Registration of a trademark in each country separately

This method of registration involves filing an application for a trademark with the Patent Office of each country in which you want to receive trademark protection. Using this method, you can protect your trademark in any country in the world (where such protection is provided), regardless of whether the Madrid Agreement on any international registration of trademarks applies to that particular country.

Despite the fact that the registration of a trademark in certain countries is a rather time-consuming process, the trademark specialists of Pasaka Commercial Ltd. have many years of successful experience in registering trademarks all over the world

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